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Cobleskill’s rich history and sense of community provide a solid backdrop for today’s bustling, modern Village. A central location within the Albany region, direct access to interstate highways, and available land and facilities provide for a strong economic base for the Village.


Village of Cobleskill residents,



As your mayor, I wanted to reach out to you in this unprecedented time of uncertainty. News of the Corona Virus, stats & updates as well as government executive orders seem to change hourly. It is important for everyone NOT to panic & please know that your local government is still here working for you. Although we have closed the doors to the village office to foot traffic, we are still here, ready and willing to help. Please refer to the village website for phone numbers and email addresses you may need. We will also try to post pertinent links that may further serve you and the needs of your family. There are valuable resources available to assist us through this difficult time. We are lucky to have dedicated village employees who wish to assure you that they are on the job. Although the public day to day routine has been altered, rest assured that everything is under control at the water treatment plant & waste water treatment plant, and our police officers are still on regular patrol.

Our community is devastated by the closure or reduction in hours forced upon many of our local businesses. Please know that myself, & all your loyal patrons care deeply for the individuals & families affected by this. I wish I had answers as to when this will all end or what assistance will be offered once this is over. I won’t pretend to have answers that simply do not exist at this time. What I do know is that we are stronger together and this too shall pass.

The closure of our schools poses an entirely different set of difficulties for families. Please refer to the Cobleskill-Richmondville official website for up to date announcements. For those in need of grab and go lunch & breakfast, details are on that page and I encourage anyone in need to please take advantage. That brings up another important issue. As parents & guardians, we are providers, protectors, and now teachers. As you all work to keep your children from falling behind or just plain busy, please know that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed. We are all human. Take a breath, take a break. Your mental health is vital to the success of getting through this troubling time. Please ask for help if you need it! There are resources that I will put on our website for you to access. You’re welcome to call my office or me directly @ 518- 231-0978 if you simply need to talk. You can be completely anonymous. I implore everyone to please be patient and kind to anyone you encounter. Call to check in on those you know might need to hear from someone. Refrain from visiting the older or compromised population.  Continue to follow the health department protocols to help prevent the spread of Covid 19. Wash your hands religiously and disinfect common surfaces like remote controls, light switches, door handles etc. Although this is getting increasingly more difficult as we continue to stay cooped up, practice physical distancing. Try to stay physically active & encourage the same of the kids.

I also wish to express my disappointment for the CRCS students who have worked so hard at their after school activities only to have them cut short without any notice. My heart breaks especially for the seniors for what should be the best year of their lives. Again, we cannot predict how long school will remain closed. Rest assured this community will do its best to celebrate you when we are able to do so.

We are also saddened that SUNY Cobleskill has had to continue the spring semester remotely & on line. The SUNY administration has done an unbelievable job organizing and coordinating this process. Please visit the official SUNY Cobleskill website should you wish to know further details.

In closing, remember that you are not alone. We will get through this difficult time together. Please be mindful of the seriousness of this situation. If we all exercise caution and follow recommended protocols I’m hopeful this situation can be remedied sooner than later. Please stay vigilant and safe everyone!


Warmest regards,

Rebecca Stanton-Terk, Mayor


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