127 Lark Street, Cobleskill, NY 12043

R-3 District

  • Traffic Count: 300

  • Foot Count: 100

  • Historic District



  • § 160-2.2.  Statements of purpose.


  • Residential districts. The purposes of the residential districts are to maintain and protect residential and neighborhood qualities while recognizing the importance of meeting the changing housing needs of Village residents; to provide for and encourage a mixture of housing types and opportunities; to provide for and encourage open spaces; to encourage the planting of shade trees and gardens; and to encourage and foster safe pedestrian and traffic circulation by establishing options for the provision of off-street parking. 


  • R-3 Permitted Uses


  • Board Housing/Rooming House, Multi Family, Multiple Occupancy, Single Family, Two Family, Three/Four Family, Bed & Breakfast, Outdoor Market, Gallery Museum, Medical Dental Clinic, Nursery School/ Daycare Facility, Recreational Business, Facility, Public Utility Facility, Religious Uses, Convent/Monastery, Group Home, Hospital, Nursing Home, Rest Home.

  • Parking Front of Building

  • 1148 Square Feet

  • 1 Story, Built 1960

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Address: 1590 Union St, Schenectady, NY 12309