1461 State Route 7, Richmondville, NY 12187

Commercial Property

  • Building Size: 61, 560 Sq. Feet

    • 32,000 Sq. feet on two floors of office/flex space

    • 29,560 Sq. feet of warehouse space

  • Lot Size: 25.24 Acres

  • Gas forced hot air, HVAC throughout

  • Commercial Property

  • Permitted Use

    • Residential/Agricultural

      • One family dwelling

      • Duplex or two (2) family dwelling

      • Agriculture

      • Home Business

    • Commercial (With Site Plan Review)

      • Small Retail

      • Small Manufacturing

      • Flea Market

      • Personal Use Livestock

  • Special Uses (with Site Plan Review):

    • All other lawful uses that are not Explicitly Prohibited Uses.

  • Accessory Uses and Structures:

    • Accessory uses and structures shall be allowed by the same permit process as the principal use. (For example, if a particular use requires a special permit in a particular zone, then the related accessory use shall also require a special permit.)

  • Prohibited Uses:

    • Explicitly Prohibited Uses, and any use not specifically set forth in subsection 204 F. above as a permitted use (as of right, accessory, or upon special permit, as the context may admit), shall be prohibited within Commercial Districts.

      • Mobile Homes.

  • Large bathrooms with lockers/changing area

  • Close to SUNY Cobleskill

  • Large Parking Area

  • Perfect Space For:

    • Warehousing​

    • Light Industry

    • Manufacturing

    • Medical Facility/Urgent Care

    • Gym

    • Health Spa

    • Office Space

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Address: PO Box 220, 112 Rock Road, Cobleskill, NY 12043