571 Main Street, Cobleskill, NY 12043

Central Business District

  • Traffic Count: 11,300

  • Foot Count: 250

  • Historic District



  • § 160-2.2.  Statements of purpose.


  • Central Business (CB). The purposes of the Central Business District are to promote the traditional role of downtown as a focus for residential, commercial, governmental and social activity by providing for a mixture of land uses; to promote pedestrian use of downtown and enhance the use of the downtown area as the center of community activity; to promote the physical and economic revitalization of downtown; to promote retail sales and attract visitors; and to encourage energy conservation by placing residences close to goods and services. The Central Business District encourages and provides for a vertical mix of uses within structures.


  • § 160-8.4.  Residential uses in Central Business District.


  • No residential use shall be permitted on the first floor (street level) of any building in the Central Business District.


  • § 160-12.4.  Central Business (CB) District.


  •  A.  Architectural elements prohibited:  

    • (1)  Mansard roofs are prohibited.  

    • (2)  No poured concrete or concrete block walls, except those constructed of architectural block, shall be exposed to view from a public view


  • Intersection of 145 and NY State Rt. 7

  • Village Parking Adjacent

  • 3900 Square Feet

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