721 E. Main Street, Cobleskill, NY 12043

General Business District

  • Traffic Count:  11,300

  • Foot Count: 250

  • Historic District



  • § 160-2.2.  Statements of purpose.


  • General Business (GB). The purposes of the General Business District are to provide opportunities for commercial growth in the business district, to encourage the preservation of existing structures, and to provide a desirable visual character for the General Business District. The General Business District functions as a transition district between the more intensive Village Gateway and Central Business Districts and residential districts, so that future developments maintain and enhance the traditional village streetscape, planning and development promote the goal of mixed business and residential uses in the business district, developments enhance the pedestrian atmosphere and streetscape of the neighborhood and traffic impacts of new developments are minimized to the maximum extent practicable.  


  • § 160-9.5.  General Business (GB) District.  


  • A. Parking lots shall be provided at the rear of the building unless side parking is the only feasible location. Side parking lots shall be fully screened from public view. Refer to § 160-13, Landscaping.  

  • B. Drive-in or drive-through facilities.   

    • (1) Street access points and queuing areas shall be sited in a manner which does not create safety hazards to pedestrians or motorists and which does not increase traffic congestion on existing streets.   

    • (2) The parking area shall be located between the building and the queuing lane, wherever possible.   

    • (3) The drive-through window shall be located such that the maximum anticipated vehicle queue awaiting service shall not extend beyond the front facade of the building.    

  • C. Adjacent developments shall have mutual access via internal driveway links, in order to facilitate traffic and control access on the main road. Applicants shall provide, at the time of permitting, cross-access easements for adjacent lots with interconnected parking.  


  • § 160-12.5.  General Business (GB) District.  


  • A. Property owners are encouraged to adapt existing residential buildings for new uses and to design adjacent buildings to complement existing architecture.  

  • B.   Architectural elements prohibited:   

    • (1)  Mansard roofs are prohibited.   

    • (2)  Flat roofs are prohibited.   

    • (3)  No poured concrete or concrete block walls, except those constructed of architectural block, shall be exposed to view from a public way.     

  • 1 Story, Built 1965

  • 9128 Square Feet

  • Traffic Light Controlled Corner

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