Help us in welcoming one of Cobleskill’s newest businesses. The Bodyshop Gym, located at 291 MacArthur Ave, provides a safe atmosphere for people in the community to be active year round and be involved with physical fitness. Whether it is using their free weights or their cardio equipment, The Bodyshop Gym gives you the opportunity to try it all at an affordable price. They offer flexible pricing options which make it easy for anyone to join. Whether it is month to month or semi-annually, there is an option for you. This Bodyshop Gym also offers family and military discounts for those who qualify.

The Bodyshop Gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing people to go at their convenience. With their options, and their accessibility, it is hard to find another gym like this so close to home. Check out The Bodyshop Gym today to see all that it has to offer.