Cobleskill Police Department Policy Manual


The PDF files listed below contain the Cobleskill Police Department's current policy manual as revised and adopted in 1997 and any subsequent changes made up to the present. It is important to note that the policy manual is in the process of being updated and modernized with the assistance of Lexipol, LLC. This process is not expected to be completed prior to the April 1, 2021 deadline for the Village's Executive Order 203 plan to be adopted by legislation or resolution and submitted to the state. The Village's Executive Order 203 Committee and the public will be kept apprised of the status of the project throughout the process.

The documents listed below are in the same order as they appear in the policy manual, but in some cases policies are grouped together in a single PDF file for file size considerations, not necessarily by topic. Policies have been identified by topic whenever possible within each link shown below. Additional Village of Cobleskill policies which apply to all Village of Cobleskill employees have also been added. Please keep in mind that the Table of Contents and Index may not be completely accurate as these have been updated sporadically, if at all, when new policies have been added.

  1. Cover Pages and Table of Contents

  2. Mission Statement, Introduction, and Glossary

  3. Conduct (General), Discipline and Orders, Duties (Performance of and Attention to), Official Position (Use of), Reports, Responsibilities of Commanding Officers and Supervisors

  4. Boundaries, Department Organization,Orders and Bulletins

  5. Career Development and Assessment, Employee Awards, Officers, Recruitment/Selection/Appointment, Overtime, Sick Leave

  6. Citizen Complaints, Discipline, Drug Testing, News Media, Police Vehicles, Uniforms and Equipment

  7. Use of Force, Weapons, and Firearms, Body Armor Wear Policy

  8. Child Abuse Investigations, Domestic Incidents, Interrogation Procedures

  9. Juvenile Procedures

  10. Photographs and Documentation, Use of DMV Driver Photo System, Deception Detection Exams

  11. Preliminary Investigations

  12. Use of Cooperating Individuals

  13. Property and Evidence, Drug Drop-Off Box

  14. Reports and Criminal Case Documentation

  15. Arrest Warrants, Search Warrants

  16. Appearance Tickets

  17. Electronic Recording of Custodial Interviews, Mobile Computing Equipment, Mobile Digital Audio/Video Recording Equipment, License Plate Reader Usage

  18. Bad Check Complaints

  19. Noise Ordinance and Unruly Gathering Investigations, Uniformed Bicycle Patrol

  20. Automated External Defibrillators, Naloxone/Narcan Use

  21. Bloodborne Pathogens, Coroner Cases and Death Notifications

  22. Personnel Seat Belt Use, Emergency Driving

  23. Emotionally Disturbed Persons

  24. Vehicle Pursuits

  25. Canine Team

  26. Traffic Stops

  27. House Checks

  28. Motor Vehicles, Accident Investigations and Reports, Uniform Traffic Tickets, Alcohol Testing/DWI, Parking Tickets, Vehicle Towing

  29. Vehicle Unlock Assistance, New York Statewide Police Information Network (NYSPIN), Criminal History Record Information (CHRI), Prisoner Transport and Processing, RADAR, Robbery and Burglary Alarms, Telephone Communications/Calls for Service, Time Log Book

  30. Bomb Threats/Explosives/Hazardous Devices, Emergency Situations/Hostage/Gunman/Disasters/Civil Disorder

  31. Mutual Aid

  32. Village Audio Taping Policy

  33. Village Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment

  34. Village Use and Care Policy

  35. Village Cell Phone and Seat Belt Use Policy

  36. Village Policy on Personal Property Stored on Village Property

  37. Index