Goal 1: Retain, Expand, & Attract Commercial & Industrial Businesses.


The Village of Cobleskillwill build upon the existing business visitation program, promote awareness of the Cobleskill businesses, and develop ways to attract new businesses to the community by meeting the following objectives:


1. Raise awareness of local businesses. Continue to partner with the Cobleskill Area Chamber of Commerce and Cobleskill Town Centre on marketing strategies to both consumers and businesses. Develop a comprehensive business database to be shared with residents (for awareness purposes) and businesses (to promote business‐to‐business transactions within the community).


2. Retain existing businesses. Continue the business visitation program by visiting at least 24 businesses per year (including follow‐up visits). Be responsive to issues and concerns raised by local businesses.


3. Welcome new businesses. Create a “Welcome to Cobleskill” new business

program with an introduction letter, local business and Village information, etc.


4. Attract new businesses. Continue to develop relationships with key business representatives that may choose Cobleskill as their location.


5. Consider incentives for large businesses. Explore all available incentives for large commercial businesses that have a significant impact on the Cobleskill economy, with an emphasis on BIDs and TIF that preserve sales tax revenue.


6. New business follow‐up. Once business located within the community, follow up and seek input about their experiences working with the Village.


7. Market flexibility. Recognizing that economic changes occur over time and

between sectors, any economic plan must be flexible to address changing

conditions and unique market considerations.



Market Overview


The Village of Cobleskill is a dynamic, progressive community located 37.13 miles from Cobleskill to Albany and 46.75 miles by car west of Albany’s loop in the heart of Schoharie County midway between Oneonta and Albany.

Goal 2:  Business Growth.


1. Enhance the image of Cobleskill support businesses and business growth. Work proactively to identify businesses seeking expansion and promote Cobleskill’s willingness to help them expedite their development and approval processes via a “Business Friendly Cobleskill” campaign.


2. Provide clear and consistent rules and regulations. Engage other departments and approval entities early in the permit process. Proactively work with businesses educating them about common code enforcement issues.


3. Promote environmental sustainability. Work with the Public Works

Department and the Environmental Concerns Committee to educate local

businesses about environmentally friendly options.


4. Keep businesses informed. Keep website up to date with economic development related information. Provide web based questionnaires to businesses to solicit suggestions, concerns and input. Lastly, explore creating a Constant Contact list for businesses to share new information as it becomes available.



Goal 3:  Increase Municipal Revenue Sources & Identify Incentives for Specific Development Opportunities.


The Village will build upon past actions associated with major commercial corridorsand subareas by meeting the following objectives:


1. Promote unified development where applicable. Although past studies cover this issue, this should be encouraged wherever possible.


2. Develop themes for the identified shopping districts. Identify themes or niches that might be best for each corridor (restaurants, niche retail stores, recreation, etc.). Unified signage and promotional banners should be encouraged to identify each distinct district.


3. Promote façade enhancements. Encourage private property owners to reinvest in their assets

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